Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) are enjoyed all year round, but when the hot and humid days of summer approach, warabimochi becomes the seasonal treat of choice. Warabimoch is a sweet bracken starch jelly usually coated with kinako, sweet roasted soybean flour, and often drizzled with kuromitsu, a Japanese "black honey" syrup similar to molasses.

In recent years makers have added twists to the summertime sweet by fusing the gelatinous cake with added fruit, although it looks refreshing enough on its own as you can see below.

The photo is a sample image.

As everyone form Cold Stone Creamery to Starbucks continue to whip up warabimochi creations, Japanese convenience store FamilyMart has also decided to throw their hat into the ring with a new release that is being called a "divine sweet" by dessert aficionados on Twitter: "Melt-in-your-mouth Cream Warabi Mochi".

Intrigued by the highly praised treat, we decided to try it for ourselves. The top layer is topped with soybean flour and whipped cream. The bottom tier contains the warabimochi. It also came with kuromitsu as an optional garnish.

We were intrigued by the jelly or pudding-like appearance of the warabimochi, instead of the round or square shape that you often see it traditionally served as, meaning you can get a big spoonful of the new creamy take on warabimochi.

The result lived up to the billing! As refreshing as warabimochi is, its starchy texture can lead to a lot of chewing. FamilyMart's new take on it allows for the roasted soybean flour to be used as mixing agent for the bittersweet combination of whipped cream and black honey syrup, which really does give the traditional sweet a new "melt in your mouth" texture.

For a new creamy twist on warabimochi, lovers of traditional Japanese sweets will definitely want to seek out "Melt-in-your-mouth Cream Warabi Mochi" from FamilyMart this summer.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.