Tokyo-based Funabashiya produces one of Japan’s traditional sweets “Kuzumochi”.

They released an “instant shaved ice” (only available for delivery order) as a seasonal item and it was a huge hit last year. Now they're taking orders for this as of June 1st.

What makes their shaved ice so special, other than that you don’t have to shave the ice on your own, is their syrup.

They add lactic acid bacteria, discovered in their own production, Kuzumochi, into their shaved ice syrup to promote stomach health. This package contains 2 types of syrup, “Matcha Azuki (red bean)” and “Strawberry Milk”.

With their instant shaved ice package, you only need to knead the packaged ice, which then quickly turns into shaved ice. Place the ice in the cup that comes in the package, add the syrup previously defrosted on top of the ice and...ta-da! You can enjoy shaved ice dessert just like from a store, but at the comfort of your home!

This item is limited to online delivery purchase.

“Funahashiya” official online shopping website:

Price: 3,200 yen (Tax included) + standard nationwide shipping fee of 1,300 yen

Contains: “Strawberry milk” 2 sets & “Matcha Azuki” 2 sets

Accepting orders: from June 1st, 2021.

Earliest delivery date: June 15th, 2021

By - Mugi.