Source: Think Geek

These Comfy Snorlax Slippers Snore When You Walk!

You may remember the gigantic Snorlax pillow cushion that had the internet clamoring for a lazy Pokemon cuddle buddy, and more comically, how the enormous Pokemon could barely fit in Japanese households. Available mostly through Premium Bandai's online shop, it proved difficult for fans overseas to get their hands on. Fortunately, a more global friendly version of everyone's favorite lethargic Pokemon is here to keep your feet warm: Snorlax slippers that make snoring noises when you walk.

You may feel a little uncomfortable sticking your feet into Snorlax's stomach, but it seems he has plenty of room in there to not really mind. Courtesy of Think Geek, these "Pokémon Snoring Snorlax Slippers" are officially-licensed Pokémon merchandise and battery-powered to make snoring noises (as the lazy Snorlax often does) when you take a step. Thanks to Snorlax's portly nature, the slippers are naturally fluffy and perfect for warming the feet of Pokemon lovers braving the colder weather.

While an arrival date has not been confirmed yet, they can be ordered from Think Geek for $29.99 USD


By - grape Japan editorial staff.