Ongoing popularity of Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families (or Calico Critters if you're in the US) continue to be popular both at home in Japan and abroad. In fact, they opened their first theme park, Sylvanian Park, in the Osaka area earlier this year.

Sylvanian Families necklace collection by U-Treasure

If you're a fan, you may already have a collection at home, but now there's an opportunity to show your love for the adorable characters of Sylvanian Families with a necklace collection from U-Treasure in the likeness of Lyra Persian, Freya Chocolate Rabbit or Ralph Walnut.

For example, here is Freya Chocolate Rabbit:

The necklaces come in silver (16,500 JPY), 18-Karat yellow, white or pink gold (55,00 JPY), and can be purchased online at the following page or at the U-Treasure shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

By - Ben K.