While Japanese jewelers U-Treasure are happy to make custom jewelry inspired by just about any popular character, but their "Pocket Monster" series of Pokémon-themed releases seem to be their centerpiece. They've recently unveiled Snorlax necklaces, Eeevee engagement rings, and even Pokéball shaped ring cases to propose with.

Their latest entry in the series lets Pokémon fans have the perfect necklace to wear as they lull themselves to sleep: a round and adorable Jigglypuff necklace that comes in three colors!

The Purin (Jigglypuff's name in Japanese) reproduces the lullaby singing Pokémon's bubbly body and big eyes in a series of three necklaces for 15,400 yen (silver), 99,000 yen (K18 yellow gold / K18 pink gold), 110,000 yen (platinum 950). The necklaces feature Jigglypuff holding up a light pink sapphire gem as an added bonus.

All three necklaces can be ordered from the U-Treasure online shop.

By - Big Neko.