Popular Japanese mall brand & Chouette is launching a new line of products and a new brand name [pet & chouette]. Their pet carrier bags are designed and made by listening closely to the owner’s needs and perspectives. Take a look at their special website for this new line of products.

& Chouette took surveys through a lifestyle magazine for dog owners “Inu no kimochi” (Dog’s Feelings) from 200 readers and even inquired expert opinions from a veterinarian in the production process for these items. These is both fashionable and also functional, a total two in one lineup of pet carrier bags.

2 Way Pet Carrier bag

15,400 yen (tax included)

Maximum weight: 10kg

Available colors: Black, Grey, Pink & Light Blue

Dimensions: W41 x H29 x D18 cm

*Black is made with Polyester

The bag has 3 main functional points:

Easy to clean:

The inside is made with canvas materials and is water repellent.

Ice pocket to prevent overheating:

There is a pocket in the cushion board you can put up to 3 ice packs to keep your pets cool.

Double layered:

You can close the blind cover when using public transportation.

2 Way styles:

The shoulder belt is adjustable and comes with a detachable cushion to keep your shoulder comfortable. You can also switch to a cross-shoulder belt depending on the scenery and enjoy it in two different styles!

There are many pockets for all your outing necessities. One pocket comes with a zipper closure which makes it perfect for your wallet and keys. There is a small window on the side for your pet to peek outside, too! You can close the window with a zip-up mesh cover. There is a built-in leash to keep your pet safe, preventing your pet from jumping out of the bag.

Stroll purse (& Chouette original item)

This is perfect for a walk with your pooch. There is enough space even for your long wallet or water bottle as well. It is compact yet functional, and comes with a zip-up pocket.

Price: 7,150 yen (Tax included)

Color: Pink, Ecru, Blue grey and Lavender

Dimensions: W30 x H18.5 x D10.5 cm

Leash & Harness (& Chouette original item)

& Chouette harness backpack is adjustable and comes with a leash with & Chouette logo print. You can coordinate with your pooch in a super stylish way!

Price: 7,150 yen (Tax included)

Appropriate weight of the pet: 6 kg

Size: (Harness) W12 x H15 x D5.4cm (Leash) 87cm

*make sure that the buckle is secure and completely clipped in, and adjust the band to the size of your pet.

Leash & collar

Price: 3,850 yen (Tax included)

Appropriate weight of the pet: 10kg

Color: Black, Grege

Size: 87 cm

By - Mugi.