Yokohama is home to Yokohama Chukagai, Japan's largest Chinatown, so it's hardly any wonder why one of the soul foods of the area are shumai dumplings. Particularly popular are the bento boxed shumai made by Kiyoken, a celebrated local restaurant chain operating since 1908. For those traveling to Yokohama from out of town, a Kiyoken shumai lunch box is a go-to souvenir to bring back to share with friends and family, as well as a preferred meal to dig into on the train ride back home.

So popular are Kiyoken shumai that they have their very own "Jumbo Shumai" that is served as a giant wedding cake version of their famous pork dumplings for those who choose to celebrate a banquet or afterparty at one of their restaurants. The Jumbo Shumai consists of huge shumai that when carved open gives way to reveal...even more shumai!

Perhaps in response to many doing their best to stay in doors as much as possible these days, or simply trying to spread dumpling love, Kiyoken has released a "miniature" version of the Jumbo Shumai for take-home and delivery order.

Behold the Jumbo Shumai

Cut it open and...22 more shumai!

The "mini" Jumbo Shumai is 11.5 cm in diameter and 10.0 cm in height. When you cut it, 22 bite-sized shumai flow out from the inside, perfect for a dumpling party at home.

The At-Home Jumbo Shumai mini is available from 3,500 yen, and can be ordered online for delivery as well as pick-up from 17 Kiyoken stores.

By - Big Neko.