Update: Akidearest tried the pizza out, so you can get a real look and review of it!

Nobody will ever accuse Domino's Pizza Japan of playing things too safe with the toppings of their pies. Over the past few years, the pizza chain has released a super spicy Tsundere pizza, a tapioca pizza topped with boba pearls, and a series of "shameful" pizzas that contain triple mayonnaise and double garlic.

So you'd figure Domino's Pizza Japan wouldn't feel the need to apologize for any of their ambitious pizza toppings. However, that's exactly what they did when they caught wind the reaction of London Twitter user @marcooth (and many others) to their newly released Crispy Fish and Chips Pizza.

As shown above, the Crispy Fish and Chips Pizza is topped by fried fish and potato slices, basil, tartar sauce, tomato sauce, and actual slices of lemon. For those not used to some of their more unusual toppings, it's certainly a jarring dish to feast your eyes upon.

When Domino’s Pizza Japan noticed the surprise surrounding the situation, however, they offered up some quality customer service that included an apology for any offense as well as a free pizza!

@marcooth added to their friendly jab that they would probably enjoy the pie, and were in fact "now completely craving the fish and chips pizza." While no pizza was exchanged due to international boundaries, Domino's Pizza Japan has been making good on their word to try and convince doubters of the affinity between fish and chips and pizza, including YouTuber Akidearest, who says they have a video of it in the works.

The Crispy Fish and Chips Pizza is actually part of Domino's new Summer Favorite Quattro, a 4-part pizza (although each can be ordered individually) that includes other bold toppings such as 5 Seafood Ajillo, Butter Chicken Curry, and Crispy Chicken Bites & Honey Mustard.

As Domino's Pizza Japan continues to reply to those in doubt, many are commending them for taking things in good fun and showing some generous customer service.

For the record, the writer of this article at Grape Japan sampled The Crispy Fish and Chips pizza and thoroughly enjoyed it without any national insult.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.