There is no doubt that parents and children share a very personal bond that can help lift one another up out of tough times. This is particularly true early on in the child's formative years, and when a parent is working hard to raise their kid as best they can.

Talented Japanese paper craft artist Shinrashinge (@shin___geki), who has gained a viral attention for an expertly crafted flip book that explores the dangers of overworking at Japanese companies, is wowing us yet again with an amazing artistic depiction of the bond between a hard working father and his young son.

Created in a notebook, the intricately crafted moving paper art piece is titled "Hengao", which in Japanese translates to "strange face" or "funny face", the type a father might make at his kid to make him laugh. That's exactly what the animation explores, as a father teaches his son how to make funny faces and entertains him with them.

However, the father is your typical salaryman, working hard and often late into the night. His son anxiously waits for him to return home, and runs to the door to greet him. In his excitement, however, he trips and falls, beginning to cry. The father notices this and quickly makes funny faces to lift his son's spirits.

The next day, the father makes a mistake at work, resulting in a harsh scolding from his boss and grueling overtime work. The father walks home in the rain with no umbrella, completely demoralized, and collapses before the door to his house crying. When his son sees his father looking so crushed, he remembers the funny faces he was shown, and uses them to quickly warm his father's heart. You can watch the amazing animation below.

Here's what the work looks like when stretched out, as it was designed to be propped up for the camera.

The work has received a wave of praise online, with many identifying with both the role of the father and child.

For more amazing artwork, be sure to follow Shinrashinge on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

By - Big Neko.