Some pets have incredibly expressive faces and poses. We’ve recently seen a cat that’s perfected the ‘cool guy hanging out of a car’ pose, but this viral photo of an Akita dog perfectly sums up the face we make when we have to attend a medical appointment we don't really want to go to.

The puppy, who is just two months old, is called Shion, and he’s apparently growing at a rapid pace. Despite his big size, you can tell from this picture that he’s still just a baby.

It’s important for puppies to get inoculated against various diseases once they’re old enough, and this photo shows Shion on his way to get his second round of jabs. The Twitter post received over 48 thousand retweets and 356 thousand likes.

He looks so sad! The way he’s clinging onto his owner, and his scared expression makes it seem almost as if he’s saying, ‘can’t we just go home instead?’

If we were his owner it would be hard to resist that face, but it’s important for dogs to get their necessary vaccinations for their future health.

If you want to see more photos of this super cute puppy, check out his owner’s Twitter page for more adorable antics!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.