Luggage brand Siffler announced a collaboration with Miffy just in time for summer. As temperatures rise across Japan, consumers are looking for any chance to cool down that they can find. For those headed to the ocean or perhaps a favorite picnic spot, a new cooler/ storage basket released by the company can be of great assistance.

According to a recent press release, the basket consists of a sturdy aluminum frame and a canvas featuring the popular and recognizable Miffy logo and insignia. When the occasion calls for extra baggage, the bottom of the basket can be extended to reveal even more storage capability—and another hidden Miffy logo that fans of the brand will surely appreciate!

The zipper clasp is also in the shape of the Miffy character. Indeed, the device was made with the playfulness of summer in mind.

The item is naturally reusable and is also perfect for shopping. Finally, because it keeps things cool, it is also ideal for trips to the grocery store.

As you can see, the basket is large enough to hold several large liquid containers while keeping them from spoiling. When not in use, it can be collapsed and stored away conveniently or used as additional storage around the house.

If you'll be out and about this summer, why not take a closer look. Interested readers can learn more about the bag and purchase it here. The retail price is 3190 JPY.

Miffy electric fans

Sure enough, fans of Miffy will be happy to learn that the brand is very busy this summer. Explus, a household goods brand, recently began selling convenient hand fans featuring the Miffy design at their official online shop, a recent press release noted.

The lineup features four muted colors to choose from. The devices are also easy for users to carry and use regardless of age. Moreover, the fans can be used to stay cool in several ways. A clip can be used to attach the fan to a strap or stand the fan on a desk or table. Consumers can also hold the device in their hands or wear it around their neck using a strap.

Miffy 4-way handy fan, basic type Retail Price: 2,750 JPY

There is also a compact version available, the so-called 2-way handy fan. The functionality is a bit more basic, but it can still be used as a basic fan.

Miffy 2-way handy fan, compact type Retail Price: 2,090 JPY

Fans of Miffy fans

Naturally, the products raised excitement online. Twitter users tweeted:

"I bought the prettiest Miffy fan!"

"I bought it. It's cute! I also bought a different type that can be worn around my neck. This is the third mini Miffy fan I’ve bought! Lol"

"I bought a Miffy fan! I got it as soon as it was released. I'm glad I had just finished work"

"Miffy's fan is too cute, please see for yourself."

Indeed the items seem popular with fans in Japan. After all, everyone needs a fashionable way to stay cool over summer.

By - Luke Mahoney.