Japanese Twitter user annko (@redbeanjam1210) loves tasty and cute things, and enjoys posting them too. Many of her "tasty" things includes baked goods.

For example, she made cheesecakes that look like slices of cheese from a Tom and Jerry episode (placed on top of a conventional cheesecake for added effect):

Or, for example, this cute and tasty-looking collection of assorted cookies and canelés, as well as chocolate-dipped candied orange slices, and rum raisin buttercream sandwiches:

Maybe you can recognize a familiar face. annko is particularly fond of Miffy, the famous little girl rabbit appearing in picture books drawn and written by Dutch artist Dick Bruna.

Here are some Miffy pound cakes she made, accompanied by a latte with Miffy foam art:

Did they get tired of waiting in the oven?

However, just like many people who enjoy cooking and baking, annko's efforts sometimes don't turn out exactly as planned. Such was the case with a batch of Miffy pull-apart breads she made recently following a recipe introduced on a popular Japanese TV show.

She started by making the body, white legs, arms, head and ears out of balls of yellow- and white-colored dough. Before baking, everything looked perfect...

Reproduced with permission from annko (@redbeanjam1210)

...but when she took them out of the oven, what greeted her was a group of decidedly tired-looking Miffy breads. Maybe they got tired of waiting?

Reproduced with permission from annko (@redbeanjam1210)

On her Instagram account, annko added:

"It didn't turn out as I expected but they were soft and chewy and delicious. I think I made the head part too heavy for the body. I'll try again next time!"

Her unexpected result elicited many reactions, such as:

  • "I laughed out loud but my daughter had no problem noticing it was Miffy! They're cute!"
  • "It's cute that each Miffy has a different expression (...)
  • "Lol. This is me after my booster shot..."
  • "It looks like a Miffy sumo wrestler. Cute!"

These Miffy breads are definitely a mood. Many of us can surely relate with the feeling. Whether you're a popular character or just someone trying to do their job and put on a smile for your customers, there are times when you're just too tired to give it your best...

If you'd like to see more of annko's cute and tasty things, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.