Korean street food inspired dishes are super popular in Japan at the moment, and two Osaka restaurants are using this trend to celebrate K-pop group Blackpink’s first Japanese album, and entice fans to their eateries.

Tteokbokki, a dish consisting of rice cakes served in a spicy and sweet sauce, is a firm favourite, but a recent craze consists of adding cream to the usually bright red sauce to create a more luxurious taste. The resulting colour of this sauce has led to it being named 'rosé tteokbokki’. According to the restaurant Seoul Love, they were the first place in Japan to serve this version of the rice cake dish.

The colour and name of this food makes it a fitting tribute to the group Blackpink, as a member of the group actually has the stage name Rosé.

The two restaurants have naturally gone for a black versus pink theme, with Seoul Love offering the black version and Niku Pocha Jockey going for the pink, complete with rose petals as decoration.

Each one serves about 3-4 people, and costs 3600 yen. They will appear on the menus from 3rd August 2021 to coincide with the album’s release, and the dish that wins an online vote closing on 30th September will become a standard menu item at both stores.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.