Japan’s LIFE Style Corporation has released a new summer menu: “Koi (Concentrated) Matcha” & “Koi Houjicha” shaved ice dessert, as of July 24th at OMTCHA SALON IKEBUKURO PARCO.

Koi Matcha shaved ice dessert (with green tea) 1,300 yen

Koi Houjicha shaved ice dessert (with green tea) 1,300 yen

Uji Matcha artisan store “OMTCHA SALON IKEBUKURO PARCO”’s new shaved ice dessert menu for the summer uses Matcha and Hojicha from a long-established tea shop in Uji, Kyoto “Kitagawa Hanbe”. These will be the finest of all shaved ice dessert! Plenty of extra concentrated Uji matcha and Houjicha will be poured on top of the shaved ice, with just a touch of sweetness complimenting the bitterness of matcha and roasted flavor of Houjicha.

You can also try different varieties on the menu such as “Matcha shirokuma (polar bear) milk shaved ice dessert” with shirotama, condensed milk, and Azuki (sweet red bean).

Or an Espuma shaved ice dessert

Store details:


Address: Ikebukuro PARCO 8th floor, 1-28-2 Minami Ikebukuro Tomishima district Tokyo

TEL: 03-5927-1133

HOURS: 11 am – 11 pm (shortened business hours during the state of emergency)

By - Mugi.