Animals that seem to act like humans are natural social media stars. Recently we’ve seen a cat that can do a ‘cool guy’ pose, and even a dog that can do ballet moves. But the canine and feline stars of this viral video will be instantly recognisable characters to anyone who has a sibling with a big age difference.

The clip features a Siberian husky called Yuki and an energetic kitten called Ren, who is just four months old. A snapshot of their endearing relationship was caught on camera, and uploaded by the owner to Twitter. Yuki’s attitude is incredibly relatable for anyone with a younger relative that just wants to play all the time.

The video shows Yuki the husky lying on the floor, while Ren jumps up and down on her, trying to get her to play. The two have been living together for just one month, and while Yuki seems to humour Ren for a while, she will not give up her chill time.

But it’s Yuki’s final exasperated sigh after pushing Ren away that makes this encounter between the two pets so relatable for the human audience. The video was uploaded to Twitter and it received over 10 thousand retweets and 39 thousand likes.

If you want to see more updates from this adorable double act, check out the owner's Twitter which is full of super cute photos and videos!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.