One of the simplest but most comforting winter traditions in Japan is parking yourself under the cozy warmth of a kotatsu. A kotatsu is a low-situated table (as most Japanese houses have) with a heater installed underneath, which uses a a heavy and comfy blanket to trap the heat. They make for a wonderful communal table for the household in the winter, but are also well known for being a favorite furniture of cats seeking heated refuge from the cold. While standard kotatsu can sometimes be dangerous for cats (because of the heater), Japanese company Chicken Nakata is giving cats their very own miniature kotatsu that's completely feline friendly.

The mini cat kotatsu is cleverly bundled with a five kilogram pack of mikan (mandarin oranges), which are a popular winter and kotatsu tabletop snack, as well as a regional delicacy of Wakayama, where Chicken Nakata is based. The new and improved table (this is the second release of the kitty kotatsu) was designed with the intention of providing a kotatsu that cat lovers could safely enjoy (it doesn't feature an actual heater) and features longer legs so that more cats can huddle underneath.

Chicken Nakata sells the kitty kotatsu and mikan bundle in Japan for 4,236 yen, although overseas buyers may want to look at Amazon and Rakuten as well.

By - Big Neko.