We've seen some truly amazing dioramas made by Japanese artists recently, including spooky abandoned theaters, miniatures that look stunningly like anime stills, and even explorations of thalassophobia, fear of the deep sea.

Miniature artist Mozu (@rokubunnnoichi) may wear the crown among diorama pros, however, as the talented frequently blows minds by crafting his incredibly detailed dioramas inside his own walls.

Sometimes hidden behind his own power outlets:

Many of Mozu's impressive works are part of his famous "Kobito Series" (Small People Series), which envisions the worlds created by small people living in ours walls, not unlike Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty. His latest creation may be his most outstanding yet, however, as Mozu has flexed his world building genius to create a functioning Japanese train station within his walls--right down to the last detail!

The station is cleverly named "Reizoukomae Station" (In front of the refrigerator Station), and has it's very own ticket gate. The signage of Japan Railways (JR) is turned into "Mozu Railways" (MR), and commonly seen advertisements for language schools and real estate agencies adopt the Mozu moniker as well. The tiled floors of the station even have the yellow blocked pavement paths provided for the visually impaired, leading passengers to hop aboard either Kitchen Express or Living Room Line.

Of course, the most impressive part is the actual train passing in the background.

Source: @rokubunnnoichi

The miniature station is one of many featured in Mozu's art exhibits and art book, available on Amazon.

For more amazing wall dioramas, be sure to follow Mozu on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.