Pokemon manhole covers started as a campaign to encourage more tourism to lesser-travelled areas of Japan, but now they can be found in all kinds of places. Each ‘Pokefuta’ (or Poke Lids in English) is an original, one-of-a-kind design, so you have to go to that particular location to see it.

These awesome designs are spread all over Japan, but until now, not one had landed in Fukuoka. Now Kitakyushu, a large city situated in the north of Kyushu, is getting five Pokefuta installed in various areas.

Eight Pokemon in total are featured, sometimes in pairs, sometimes solo. One design includes Sableye and Duraludon.

Another one shows Gardevoir and Lunatone, taking a nighttime stroll by some water, which is fitting as the manhole cover can be found by the port. There’s a Tropius to be found by the coast, and he can be seen enjoying the beach himself in the design.

If you make a trip to Kokura Castle, you can find Aggron.

The last design stars Alolan Dugtrio and Carkol.

Locations for all the Pokemon manhole covers can be found on the Poke Lids website, which includes every single manhole cover to be found in Japan by intrepid Pokemon trainers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.