Cafe Company Co. will soon open their Disney Harvest Market cafe and gift shop. Currently, it is only open to a limited number of members. However, reservations by the general public can be made from Wednesday, September 1st.

This is good news for fans of the Disney brand. The square footage of the cafe is rather remarkable. With the extra space, Cafe Company oversees a fully-stocked gift shop where die-hard fans can spend a significant portion of their day.

The cafe also tries to incorporate the spirit of Japan. With the notion of eating locally, cafe-goers can have a healthy meal that conveys the theme of the four seasons in Japan. Moreover, original and uniquely designed replications of Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorate the gift shop, menus, tableware, and so on. The design overall is meant to highlight the international side of the Disney brand.

On the menu

Naturally, there are some delicious items on the menu meant to please the taste buds of fans and casual cafe-goers. See for yourself:

  • Afternoon Tea Party 3,200 JPY
  • Afternoon tea set with seasonal fruits, pancakes, an open sandwich, and drinks.
  • Dopey Barista Cafe Latte 770 JPY
  • A latte that can be changed to soy milk, almond milk, or oat milk for an additional 110 JPY.

And many more items are available:

  • Cheerful Farmer's Jumbo Mushroom Burger 2,530 JPY
  • Hokuhoku Doggy Potato Curry 935 JPY
  • Cute Cooking Researcher's Pink Berry Pancake 2,200 JPY
  • Fisherman Goofy Whole Grain Carbonara Pasta 2,200 JPY
  • And More

While delicious looking, the menu items are also meant to be healthy. Each meets the following standards:

  • Contains 600 calories or less per plate
  • Contains 2.5g or less of salt per plate
  • 30 percent or less fat from calories
  • Zero trans fatty acids

Naturally, the cafe's customers can enjoy the immersive Disney atmosphere while they eat—not unlike when visiting Disney World. Indeed, the experience is designed to be both delicious and fun.

The response on Twitter

As mentioned, the cafe has already been open to a limited number of members. Those that went had an enjoyable experience which they shared on SNS platforms like Twitter:

“I had lunch at Disney Harvest Market Cafe organized by Cafe Company. It looks like a lot of food, but it's actually less than 600 calories. It was delicious, so I'm going to go again”

“I loved the Daisy room. There was a lot of lavender on the ceiling. The colors may appear somewhat different in the photo, but the entire ceiling was covered in lavender. It was chic and nice. There’s a charge for reserving a private room, but there is no Daisy room at Disney Resort. So, it was worth it for me.”

“Good night! I went to the Disney Harvest Market, so I’m posting this picture today. It is said that there are about 40 hidden Mickeys in the store...”

“I ate everything thinking, ‘I can eat this entire meal without feeling guilty!’ Carbonara with Donald... I didn't feel like the sauce was very salty. However, the whole grain pasta was fragrant, and the ingredients themselves were delicious. So I was very satisfied.”

“After staying at Maihama, I went to the Hikarie Harvest Market cafe!! I made a reservation for the Daisy room! The store is absolutely cute, and there are 100 dishes!! The most wonderful thing was that all the staff were dressed as Disney characters. Fantastic customer service!”

“Let's dine at the Disney Harvest Market cafe and forget about our worries. There was a huge superstar right behind. Lol.”

By - Luke Mahoney.