If you’re all about the treat rather than the trick, Japan is the place to be for Halloween. Their super cute seasonal confections can be found in all kinds of places. From fancy hotels to convenience stores, everyone is about to start getting their spook on.

One shop which will be launching their Halloween lineup imminently is Mister Donut. This Japanese chain launches awesome seasonal products throughout the year, including a just recently released sweet potato doughnut range for autumn. Their Halloween-specific doughnuts are about to drop next, and there’s five treats to choose from.

There’s the black cat doughnut which is a whipped cream sandwich with a chocolate coating.

There’s also the cutest rendition of a mummy you’ve ever seen, with a strawberry chocolate coating and some expressive chocolate eyes.

The fluffy ghost doughnut has been created with a white chocolate coating and whipped cream arms.

A stick doughnut has been turned into the Franken-doughnut with strawberry chocolate and Halloween-colour sprinkles.

Lastly, there’s a play on the popular ‘Pon de Ring’ doughnut. This one is called the ‘Pon de Choco Devil’. It’s a ring doughnut with a chocolate coating and Halloween-colour sprinkles.

These creepy but cute treats will be sold in branches of Mister Donut in Japan from 3rd September until 31st October 2021, costing between 162 yen and 165 yen each.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.