Every year at the arrival of September, Japan begins the preparation of the spookiest holiday of the year — Halloween. For two months, stores and restaurants will be pumping customers up with all different kinds of celebratory products and decoration. And if there’s a big holiday coming up, everyone probably knows by now that Krispy Kreme Japan will have something delicious up its sleeve.

From September 14th to October 31st, Krispy Kreme stores in Japan will be offering color-packed, adorable Halloween doughnuts for an early excuse to start satisfying your sweet tooth. 5 new doughnuts will be haunting the shelves, but from the looks of it, it seems like they’ll be a lot more cute than creepy.

Caramel Pumpkin Jack

This mischievous jack-o’-lantern is covered in pumpkin flavored chocolate, and filled with saccharine caramel cream.

Purple Potato Mummy

Wrapped in white chocolate, the yummy mummy is covered in purple potato chocolate, and filled with purple potato cream.

Melon Soda Monster

Love melon soda? This green monster with chocolate candy and marshmallows for eyes will taste just like Japan’s popular drink.

Chocolate Custard

The standard Chocolate Custard will be “spookified” with spiderwebs drawn with white icing.

Halloween Sprinkle

Simple is best, and this doughnut is covered in pudding flavored chocolate and, of course, lots of sprinkles!

You’ll be able to get any of these individually at Krispy Kreme locations in Japan, but if you’re planning a Halloween party, you can also buy boxes of the Halloween Monster Dozen (which also includes the Original Glazed topped with eyeballs), or Halloween Triple Monsters. It already looks like Japan will be having another awesome Halloween this year.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.