For green tea dessert enthusiasts, not much can beat a tall glass of matcha parfait. Luckily for us, one Kyoto teahouse has the art of making this sweet creation down to a ‘tea’.

Itohkyuemon is a green tea specialist founded in 1832 and based in Uji, Kyoto’s matcha paradise. They release mouthwatering seasonal treats throughout the year, including hydrangea-inspired parfaits for rainy season and cherry blossom desserts for spring. All with a healthy dose of Uji matcha goodness in the mix.

This month, they just released a new parfait and revamped their ‘dessert plate’ with a suitably autumnal addition, chestnuts.

The ‘Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Parfait’ has a dizzying amount of layers. There’s swirly chestnut cream inspired by mont blanc desserts, yellow candied chestnuts, meringue, crushed cookies, matcha jelly, kanten, matcha and chestnut ice cream, and matcha syrup. It costs 1390 yen or 1790 yen for a parfait and tea combination.

They’ve also updated their ‘Sweet Plate’ which is an assortment of various exquisite green tea desserts. In line with the chestnut theme, there’s chestnut matcha roll cake, chestnut matcha daifuku, roasted green tea cheesecake, matcha and roasted green tea chocolate, roasted green tea mini parfait, and matcha and chestnut ice cream. To sample all these treats, it costs 1690 yen or 1990 yen for a sweets plate and tea set.

Both of these chestnut wonders can be found at the Uji Honten, JR Uji Station and Gion Shijo branches of Itohkyuemon. The parfait will be available until around the beginning of October and the sweets plate can be ordered until around the end of November.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.