Boba lovers could never get bored of all the creative bubble teas Japan has to offer. One of the most famous boba chains is Gong Cha, and they’re no stranger to limited-time-only, seasonal treats.

But of all Gong Cha’s inventive offerings, this seems to be the most luxurious. It’s the first instalment in a new series called ‘Tea Dessert’, and the dessert the lineup expresses is the creme brulee. There’s three flavours to choose from and each one is perfect for autumn.

First up is the ‘Creme Brulee Marron Earl Grey Milk Tea’. This beverage has an Earl Grey tea base with a rich chestnut sauce accent. The creme brulee milk foam topping is sprinkled with crunchy caramel bits.

Next is the ‘Creme Brulee Taro Milk Tea’ which has the taro flavour which is popular for bubble tea beverages, and the same creme brulee milk foam and crunchy caramel topping.

The third option is a ‘Creme Brulee Pumpkin Black Milk Tea’, a drink made with a black milk tea base and a mellow pumpkin sauce. Of course the creme brulee milk foam is sitting on the top as well.

Each one is available as a hot drink or an iced drink.

If none of these autumnal flavours appeal to you, you can get the creme brulee milk foam as a topping on any drink for an extra 90 yen.

The ‘Tea Dessert’ campaign will run from 16th September until 7th November in Japanese branches of Gong Cha. The taro version will be available throughout, and the marron flavour will on sale until 10th October, and the pumpkin flavour will kick off from 14th October.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.