Internationally famous J-pop star Utada Hikaru updated her Instagram account on Halloween day, October 31, 2022.

She posted an image of herself standing in front of a mirror dressed in a Halloween costume, captioned as follows:

"Trick or Treat...or Evolution?
I've been letting my son choose my Halloween costumes for the past few years."

So, what did she mean by "trick or treat ... or evolution"?

The answer should be clear from Utada's costume, as you can see below:

The megastar was dressed in a cute costume with ears and a tail. As many people will surely recognize, this was Eevee from the Pokémon series!

Eevee can evolve into other Pokémon, with a total of eight "Eeveelutions" currently revealed. The evolved versions are popular, but the original Eevee is also loved by many.

Utada's Eevee costume received an outpouring of praise from her fans, eliciting comments such as:

  • "I want to throw a Master Ball at her so I can definitely catch her."
  • "Thank you...! Thank you...! (cries)"
  • "Halloween is such a great time of year."
  • "Your son knows your charms the best."
  • "This is the cutest Eevee in the world."

Halloween is a time when celebrities sometimes show off their costumes. What a delightful present for fans!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.