The famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo is definitely home to Japan's biggest Halloween party--too big, some might argue. Every year the iconic crossing essentially becomes a gigantic street party, with costumed party-goers spilling out into surrounding areas. While many participate in good natured fun, over the years there seems to be a growing public resentment for the gathering, with unruly behavior disrupting businesses, leading to arrests, and causing general chaos. There have even been moves to ban drinking in the area during the festivities.

This weekend marked the first time in years that Shibuya Halloween-goers could gather without being limited by pandemic safety protocol, so many were ready to come out in full force and celebrate the big day of spooky season. It seems that others in the area were ready to turn away from the festivities, however. In addition to an increased police presence this year, at least one major Shibuya business said no to costumed Halloweeners entirely.

Shibuya PARCO, one of Tokyo's biggest and most well-known department store complexes, put up a sign that made that very clear, an it's been getting a lot of praise online. On a recent trip to PARCO, Twitter user Tasonnu (@strawberry_trap) saw that the department store had put up a rather bold notice:

The sign reads: "Notice: We refuse entry to the store to anyone dressed up in Halloween costumes."

"Way to go Shibuya PARCO!"

The notice is likely in response to a number of problems faced by the department store. For example, during the Shibuya Halloween celebration, many use restrooms in public facilities like PARCO to change, adding to the congestion of the facility which inconveniences shoppers. It's also likely a measure to prevent any of the unruly or intoxicated behavior, littering, and loitering from the party from spilling into the store.

As matter of fact as it is, the move has been widely praised online, with many leaving comments saying they hoped PARCO's attitude toward the massive street party would spread to other local businesses as well:

"This is great!"

"This is an obvious response! It's such a nuisance to other customers."

"It's really a wonderful response."

"I wish every store would do this."

"I personally want a restraining order from people dressed up for Halloween."

There's certainly nothing wrong with dressing up and having some Halloween fun, but it appears the inconvenience of those who flout the rules has led to some businesses putting their foot down about the Shibuya celebration.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.