The long-tailed tit (shima enaga in Japanese) is often affectionately called "the cutest bird in Japan". The fluffy white bird is often found camouflaged on snowy branches on Japan's northernmost island Hokkaido. Just one look at the lovely winged critter will show you how it's earned the nickname.

Japanese Twitter user boku shima enaga (@daily_simaenaga) is one of many big-time fans of the long-tailed tit, operating as sort of an unofficial fan page for the bird. Recently, they've been recreating the tit as adorable versions of Japanese food that's just too cute to eat--like onigiri rice balls, sushi, and curry.

They recently shared another entry in that bird as food series with an adorable long-tailed tit version of mitarashi dango, a Japanese dumpling treat made from mochiko rice flour and slathered with sweet soy sauce!

"Aren't mitarashi dango so cute?"

The round dango perfectly capture the pure white look of the long-tailed tit, and nori seaweed fills out their cute expressions--almost as if the bird is looking right at you and asking you not to eat it! Drizzled in a sweet mitarashi soy sauce glaze, you might just have to give in and take a bite out of the tit!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.