It can sometimes be hard to keep up with the never-ending stream of seasonal-exclusive Frappuccinos released by Starbucks Japan, and perhaps Starbucks fans are only just recovering from both S'mores and Peach on the Beach Frappuccinos. There's little time to move on from those summer special aftertastes, however, as Starbucks Japan is already giving us a fall preview with two new apple-flavored Frappuccinos.

The Green Apple Jelly Frappuccino offers a sweet and sour flavored profile, filled with green apple jelly, crispy pulp, and pieces of green apple candy on a bed of whipped cream. Meanwhile, the Baked Apple Pink Frappuccino is a healthy serving of pink apple compote, as well as apple crumble with a hint of cinnamon and apple candy. Those looking for an extra apple treat can pair their chosen Frappuccino with a slice of apple crumble pie.

The apple-heavy menu will be released on August 30th and run until September 19th at Starbucks throughout Japan.

By - Big Neko.