Japan is heaven on earth for Studio Ghibli fans, with every type of merchandise under the sun available. A lot of it comes from the animation studio’s official retailer Donguri Kyowakoku, which stocks some of the cutest and most stylish tributes to the movies.

They’ve even started a spin-off brand which specialises in clothing called Donguri Closet. Fans can find casual threads which are subtle enough for daily wear, like Totoro sweaters and stylishly designed character t-shirts.

But this release which will go on sale next month takes it to another level, taking direct inspiration from the dress worn by the titular character of Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Kiki’s navy dress is instantly recognisable to fans, but this dress is also perfect for daily wear to casually rep a beloved Ghibli heroine.

But if blue isn’t your colour, it’s also available in a light brown shade.

Both of the dresses have embroidered logos, with a ‘Kiki’ design on the chest and one referencing ‘Gütiokipänjä’, the bakery in the film, on the sleeve.

Whichever dress you choose, they both match with the elegant leather shoulder bag which is being released as part of the lineup.

The bag also has small touches to set it apart as Kiki’s Delivery Service merchandise, while keeping it subtle enough for any occasion.

The dresses cost 9900 yen each and the bag is 24,200 yen. The lineup will go on sale from 13th November 2021 in Donguri Closet in Kawasaki, and branches of Donguri Kyowakoku with a Donguri Closet corner. It can also be preordered online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.