Donguri Kyowakoku, Japan’s Studio Ghibli merch paradise, stocks every type of item imaginable inspired by the characters and motifs found in the animation studio’s beloved works. To this end, they’ve even created spin off brands specialising in various items.

For stylish Studio Ghibli apparel, wearable enough for everyday events, they created the ‘American casual’ style brand called GBL.

Their latest release features characters found in the super popular movie My Neighbor Totoro. This time around, they have even collaborated with Russell Athletic, an American clothes company founded in 1902, which gives the lineup the perfect vintage-looking style.

There’s two sweater designs to choose from starring Totoro himself, and the instantly recognisable Cat Bus. The Totoro one has a deep orange colour, perfect for autumn, and it reads ‘call out the Cat Bus’ in block capitals.

The Cat Bus sweatshirt is in a more muted navy blue, and has the words ‘safe drive like a gale’ incorporated into the design.

The sleeve is emblazoned with the figure 88, a reference to the film’s 1988 release date, and it gives the sweatshirts a sporty vibe.

They both come in sizes M to XL, and cost 13,200 yen. These sweatshirts can be copped from the GBL store at Miyashita Park in Shibuya, as well as the GBL corner at the Donguri Kyowakoku Shinsaibashi branch. Alternatively the lineup is also available online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.