Japanese cat owner and Twitter user Rikako (@rikako1017jyuri) lives with her 5 beloved cats.

Rikako shared a recent picture she shared of Sora, who she adopted as a kitten in July, it’s been charming cat lovers online.

In the photo, the kitten is sound asleep and gently wrapped in a small blanket, but also a little something was added for the picture.

The mini bamboo container almost looks like a Suge Kasa (Japanese traditional woven hats) that a traveler back in the samurai days of Japan would have worn to avoid rain and snowfall.

The blanket cape and the hat made a perfect miniature feline samurai attire for this photo op that many people fell in love with:

The cuteness is next level!

This little one can slash his enemies in his sleep… a professional assassin.

The North Wind Boy, Kantaro… oh wait, Meow-taro!

The kitten looked adorable as is. Now with this little costume added, his cuteness leveled up so much you just can’t take your eyes off of him!

By - Mugi.