Capsule toys in Japan can cover a lot of niches you might think of as unimaginable (such as Lovecraftian squid and watermelon hybrids), but figure and capsule toy brand Tama-Kyu may have some of the country's most amusingly specific capsule goodies. Some of their prior popular releases include an all-star team of the types of public drunks you see wandering around Tokyo, as well as the male and female toilet symbols playing with each other.

Tama-Kyu's catalogue of very particular but strangely cute goods continues to expand, as they've now released a lineup of "traditional Japanese sweets and prehistoric animal" hybrid capsule toys.

The odd fusion of sweets and animals lineup is called "Manju of Ancient Times". Manju are a type of traditional Japanese sweet dessert bun that come in a variety of flavors and fillings (red bean paste is the most common), but are typically very round and bubbly. Tama-Kyu apparently that shape was a natural fit for creating cute capsule toys of prehistoric animals, and so here we are.

They even come packaging in the type of wrapping manju are traditionally served in.

Of course, they actually do look like manju, and if not for their cute features, good enough to eat! Here's the lineup.

Saber-tooth Tiger


Steller's sea cow

Dodo Bird

Woolly Rhinoceros

Pinta Island tortoise

The Manju of Ancient Times are now available at capsule toy corners machines throughout Japan.

By - Big Neko.