Long-haired cats can easily get their hair tangled up, leaving some dirt behind even after grooming.

Owners need to take care of their cats according to their individual needs, such as shampooing them regularly to keep them healthy.

One day, Japanese Twitterer Sabimaru サビ丸 (@tortoiseshell_9), who is "Mommy" to several cats, gave a bath to Noah, a beautiful black long-haired cat.

Noah, with his fluffy black fur, is usually a charm.

Reproduced with permission from Sabimaru サビ丸 (@tortoiseshell_9)

Sabimaru-san couldn't hold back her laughter while she carefully washed Noah's body.

Here's why!

Reproduced with permission from Sabimaru サビ丸 (@tortoiseshell_9)

"Forgive me, Noah... I'm so sorry but Mommy couldn't stop laughing while I was washing you... lol"

"Huh, who is that...?"

As a result of getting all wet, the fur on Noah's body became smooth and flat, and he became like a different cat.

The photo went viral on Twitter, garnering more than 417,000 likes at the time of writing, with many people saying, "I laughed so hard," and "Cats show their true colors when they get wet, don't they?"

According to Sabimaru, Noah is always quiet when he gets shampooed.

Good on you for being such a good boy and putting up with it, Noah!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.