Tokyo-based Twitter user 7 (@_szuna) photographs nightviews and cityscapes across Japan.

The user’s photos regularly get thousands of likes when posted to Twitter.

One recent post, though, has amazed Twitter users and received over 250,000 likes in just under a week.

Here’s the photographer’s photo in question, captioned:

The Beautiful Moon Blooming Atop Skytree

The Beautiful Moon Blooming Atop Skytree

Two perfectly timed photos show a full moon and a crescent moon aligned directly above Tokyo Skytree.

The combination looks like some sort of magical wand.

And sure enough, some Sailor Moon fans on Twitter commented that the photo resembled the series’ Crescent Moon Wand.

Is it weird I’m feeling a bit nostalgic?

The photos even appeared on national television in Japan!

It’s only right that a photographer of such beauty is recognized!

If you want to be amazed by more stunning photography, be sure to check out the photographer’s sites linked to below.

By - Mujo.