While Domino's Japan sometimes turns heads with the type of toppings they put on their pizza (as seen with tapioca pearl boba pizza and a fish and chips pizza they actually "apologized" for), but this type it's the loaded amount of toppings on their pies that has pizza fans in Japan excited.

Earlier this week the Domino's Japan released their Ura Domino's Overflow Series, a name which refers to the fact that they've smothered a lineup of fan favorite pizzas with six times the normal amount of toppings so they overflow when you eat. Domino's says the best way to eat them is with chopsticks to keep the toppings in place, so they're providing each order with an original set.

However, to commemorate the release of the series, Domino's Japan will be awarding one lucky customer with a pair of 18-karat gold chopsticks, which come with a Domino's logo shaped chopstick rest and apparently a fancy case as well.

The campaign will run until November 19th. To enter, hopeful customers (in Japan) can simply click the target re-tweet link of #ドミノ黄金の箸 in the Tweet below to be entered into the contest. While only one customer will win the golden pair of chopsticks, another 20 will be rewarded with 10 free pizza coupons. Domino's Japan will notify the lucky winners on November 24th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.