Japan’s U-Treasure creates sophisticated, character themed jewelry for adults. In the past, the jewelry company has released gorgeous Okami necklaces and even Gengar wedding rings. Now to celebrate Cinnamoroll’s 20th anniversary, they are teaming up with Sanrio to release more collaboration jewelry, choosing the most voted design by fans out of 4 different designs.

The series is expected to be released in July of this year.


Necklace of Cinnamoroll and his friends gathering to celebrate their 20th anniversary.


Crown motif necklace with Cinnamoroll and his friends in the charm.

Fork Ring

Adorable fork ring of Cinnamoroll on his friend, Cornet the unicorn.


Dressed up Cinnamoroll and his friends gathering on the ring band.

The voting took place from March 11th to 18th on the U-Treasure Twitter account. The result will be revealed on March 31st.

By - Mugi.