Every major convenience store in Japan has its own signature fried chicken that highlights their hot food section, and for Lawson, that's Karaage-kun. Karaage-kun is a package of karaage (Japanese fried chicken) nuggets that come in a variety of tasty flavors, including Final Fantasy Limit Break and ramen. The popular go-to for fried chicken lovers has even been certified as space food for the International Space Station.

Karaage-kun's latest flavor, "Garibatta" ("Garlic Butter") has been getting some rave reviews from snack lovers online (and with a flavor like garlic butter, how could it not?) we decided to try some out for ourselves.

From immediate first glance, the Garibatta flavor has a much more golden browned appearance, and even seems crispier than the standard Karaage-kun. They also had quite the powerful garlic aroma, so these may not be our most highly recommended pre-business meeting fried chicken snack.

(c) grape Japan

When cutting the nuggets in half, we saw the secret behind the praised Garibatta taste. Nestled inside the juicy chicken nuggets are cubes of chicken chunks packed with a garlic and butter sauce that seeps out when you bite into them, making for a surprising but pungent and somewhat spicy snack. The combination of spicy garlic, rich butter, and juicy chicken may make this the perfect Karaage-kun to pair with beer!

(c) grape Japan

Garibatta flavored Karaage-kun is currently on sale at Lawson convenience stores throughout Japan. If you're having a hard time picking between the many flavors and have a beer in hand, this would be our recommended flavor.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.