Chun Shui Tang, the legendary Taiwanese teahouse chain well-known for its bubble tea, just released the Chocolate Berry Milk Tea- a must-try winter-limited drink this season.

Chun Shui Tang has stores all over the world, and Japan is no exception.

Japan, especially, experienced a tapioca boom in the past few years and many bubble tea specialty stores opened here and there during the boba craze.

One of the well-known bubble tea café/restaurant options here is the international chain- Chun Shui Tang. People are ready to wait for hours just for their excellent bubble tea drinks. The restaurant also offers a variety of dishes, and their tapioca beverages are delicious!

Their new winter limited drink, released on Friday, November 12, is also one of the most innovative and addictive beverages out there.

The chocolate-milk tea also uses raspberries and cocoa as ingredients, giving it a perfectly balanced flavor by mixing sweet, sour, and bitter. 

The store has two options available: 

  • Chocolate Berry Milk Tea
  • Tapioca Chocolat Berry Milk Tea- for the bubble tea lovers

The new drinks that use a surprising combination of chocolate and mellow black tea also have a topping of whipped cream and raspberry sauce. Due to the carefully selected ingredients, it tastes divine! Also, the customers can enjoy it both as a drink or a dessert.

The Chocolate Berry Milk Tea costs 700 yen (tax included), while the Tapioca Chocolat Berry Milk Tea is 750 yen (tax included).

Both are available only as a hot drink option and sold at the Chun Shui Tang stores nationwide until February 2022.

A pre-sale at stores where you can use the Takeout order site EPARK also started on November 5.


For more information, check the Chun Shui Tang EPark Takeout Order Page.

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