Shaved ice covered in saccharine, brightly colored syrups are signature summer desserts in Japan. From strawberry to melon, you can choose the flavor of your ice from the usual lineup of syrups and cool off from the heat. But if you’re looking for a new flavor of shaved ice to devour under the sun, you might want to keep a bottle of Soy Sauce Chocolat for Shaved Ice in your pantry.


Source: atpress

The Soy Sauce Chocolat is a chocolate-flavored soy sauce you can pour over a bowl of shaved ice, giving it a flavor that is truly different from the rest. It was made by 103-year-old soy sauce maker Goto Shoyu, a year after their original soy sauce for shaved ice was released in 2015.

This divine concoction is made from a blend of whole bean soy sauce from Fukuoka Prefecture, Van Houten cocoa powder from Holland, and brown sugar from Kagoshima Prefecture. The cocoa and brown sugar add a bittersweet layer to the full-bodied flavor of the soy sauce, making it the perfect shaved ice addition for adults and children alike.


Source: atpress

You can even pour the sauce over other desserts, like ice cream. It looks almost exactly like chocolate syrup, so you can innocently trick younger kids into trying it, if you know they won’t be too excited to hear that you’ve drenched their dessert in soy sauce. Sprinkle some kinako (roasted soybean flour) or matcha powder over it for even more deliciousness.


Source: atpress

The Soy Sauce Chocolat for Shaved Ice is currently available on Amazon Japan. It costs 680 yen (6.45 USD) for a bottle containing 150ml (5.07 oz) of the syrup, which is affordable enough for you to buy two — or even three — bottles at a time!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.