Do you like both coffee and Japanese sweets? If so, here is a must-buy confectionary for you!

The sweet is called ブルーボトル 羊羹 テリーヌ ショコラ burū botoru yōkan terīnu shokora (Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat). This product is the result of a collaboration between Blue Bottle Coffee and 都松庵TOSHOaN, a traditional Japanese confectionery shop in Kyoto.

What is 羊羹 yōkan?

羊羹 yōkan is type of Japanese confectionery with a very long history. It is said that it was first introduced to Japan from China in around 1191.

Yōkan is made from red bean paste (あんこ anko) or white bean paste (白あん shiroan), agar, and sugar. The bean paste is the key ingredient to making delicious yōkan and TOSHOaN has more than 70 years of history as a specialty shop for various types of bean paste for sweets.

More about Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat

Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat is a unique yōkan because it uses not only the quality white bean paste by TOSHOaN, but also rich dark chocolate, cacao nibs, butter, and brandy!

This is an interesting combination of Japanese and western ingredients, which goes exceptionally well with coffee. In addition, the mixed texture of smooth bean paste and the crunchy cacao nibs sounds very tasty.

Other flavors

Actually, the Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat is a new product, but this is not the first collaboration between Blue Bottle Coffee and TOSHOaN.

They have been collaborating and producing different products since 2019. The first product they produced was a time-limited menu to coincide with the opening of the second Blue Bottle Cafe in Kyoto. They wanted to promote the virtues of bean paste and yōkan to the younger generation through their collaboration.

Now the two flavors, plain and matcha are regularly available at Blue Bottle Coffee Cafes, their official online store, and popup stores.

Plain flavor

Matcha flavor

Where and when can you buy the Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat?

As well as the two flavors, you can buy Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat at Blue Bottle Coffee cafes, the official online stores and popup stores.

However, there is one major difference between the plain and matcha flavors and the new Terrine Chocolat flavor. The new flavor is season-limited! The Blue Bottle Yōkan Terrine Chocolat is only available between December 1st,, 2021 and March 31st, 2022. It can be a good gift for special events like New Year's, Valentine’s Day, and White Day*.

*White day is the day for those who received gifts on Valentine’s Day to send a return gift.


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).