Taking a traditional commemorative family photo in Japan can be a very time consuming process. Being fitted in kimono and holding the formal seiza sitting style for the length of a photoshoot can be quite challenging. The end result is often worth it as a beautiful memory piece, however.

It was definitely worth it for married couple @taru0810 when they recently had a commemorative family photoshoot, as a special guest not only made the picture all the more memorable, but displayed some excellent discipline through the whole thing!

Source: @taru0810

The family's beloved Bichon Frise joined the photoshoot, and fit in completely naturally, delighting over 180,000 people on Twitter. @taru0810 writes that their dog, Taru, assumed a pose and position on their own and held it looking at the camera until the end of the entire shoot!

You can feel the love in this charming family photo completed by the dog, as well as appreciate the discipline Taru showed in following through on the entire photoshoot.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.