In Japan, custard pudding (called purin), is often seen as a nostalgic favorite of sweets enthusiasts, largely due to its prominence on the menus of old-fashioned cafes in the style of the Showa era. Made from whole egg yolks and often compared to Flan or creme caramel, Japanese pudding has been used in some interesting ways before, including in sandwiches and Chinese-style steamed buns.

Although many are content to enjoy 7-Eleven's surprisingly high quality pudding packets.

Those looking to whip up their own batch of Japanese pudding and eat it on a grand scale may want to check out sweets making YouTube channel Chez Sucre Sugar House. The channel recently released an easy-to-make giant pudding recipe with well over one million views that yields a huge but perfectly bouncy serving of pudding!

Many are praising the video for its soothing ASMR quality, as well as building up an appetite to craft their own perfectly silky and bouncy pudding at home!

A recipe, quoted from the video it self, is quite easy to follow at home.

Huge Pudding Recipe

30g…Granulated sugar


300g…Whole egg

100g…Granulated sugar


Vanilla beans

① Put granulated sugar in the pot, make caramel, add water at the right timing.

② Put the caramel sauce in the bowl and leave it for a while.

③ Thaw the whole egg and mix with granulated sugar.

* Just blend in the whole eggs without whipping.

④ Put milk and vanilla beans in a pan and boil them together with the melted eggs.

⑤ Pass the appaille, remove the lye on the surface and pour it gently into the bowl.

⑥ Prepare a pan that can hold a bowl and steam it in a hot water bath that hides the apparel.

Heat in an oven preheated to 140 ° C for 60 minutes and leave for 30 minutes

* If you leave it for 30 minutes, it will be preheated.

For more awesome sweets recipes, be sure to follow Chez Sucre Sugar House on YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.