Hatsumode is the Japanese tradition of visiting a shrine or temple for the first time in the New Year, typically with purpose of praying and wishing for good luck in the coming year.

For Muneo Saito (@muneondo), that trip came with one might consider either auspicious or ominous when they spotted an unusual tree nearby the shrine.

Source: @muneondo

Upon looking closer at the tree, Muneo discovered a shape that makes it appear as if a human being has some how been assimilated into it, or even growing out of it!

Several who commented on the photo noted they were a bit scared of it, and would be put off running into it at night (it actually has a striking resemblance to the Molded enemies from the Resident Evil series), but others noted that its a wonder of nature--so perhaps Muneo found some natural good luck in the New Year!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.