While Kentucky Fried Chicken has established itself as a Christmas favorite in Japan, that doesn't mean the Colonel doesn't stop seasonal releases in Japan once the holiday season is over. KFC Japan has notably released giant chicken fillet and menchikatsu sandwiches and yuzu boneless chicken recently, and even has their own all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink restaurant in Tokyo.

Their first new release of 2022 brings the heat, as well as the somewhat surprising image of green fried chicken, as KFC has added a spicy Green Hot Chicken to their menu.

The new Green Hot Chicken gets its name and look from a blend of spicy jalapeno and garlic seasoning, adding what KFC Japan is calling a "forbidden flavor" of heat to a particularly crunchy serving of fried chicken!

KFC's Green Hot Chicken is current available for a limited time from KFC locations throughout Japan, both individually and in box sets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.