Kirby fans in Japan are lucky enough to have access to two permanent, official cafes inspired by the pink hero. Not only that, but the menu is constantly evolving to express different seasons and occasions. Over the holiday season there was plenty of winter-themed treats to be had, but now Valentine’s Day is one the way and that means one food in particular. Chocolate!

The new lineup of temporary menu items is called ‘Chocolate de Pupupu’. This is a reference to ‘Pupupuland’, the Japanese name for the main setting for the Kirby games, called 'Dreamland' in English.

The first of two chocolatey creations is a ‘Stardust’ chocolate au lait drink. This beverage, featuring Meta Knight, has a star-shaped block of chocolate to melt into it to ensure maximum chocolate goodness.

The second offering is the ‘Pupupu All-Star Sandwiches’, which takes the popular characters of Dreamland as the main motif. Each colourful sweet sandwich, filled with various fruits and cream, has a chocolate surprise hiding inside.

If you order the sandwich set, you even get a souvenir lunch box to take home with you.

This seasonal menu is appearing at both the Tokyo and Hakata branches of the Kirby Cafe until 28th February 2022. Check out the website to see the full menu or book a table!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.