Celebrate all things lovable this Valentine's Day with a stack full of melty, chocolatey pancakes at Eggs n’ Things stores across Japan.

Whether you plan to share a plate with a loved one or you intend to treat yourself (because you 100% deserve it!), Eggs n’ Things has revealed the perfect menu to enjoy during 2021’s season of love.

Melting Fondant Chocolate Pancake

Price: 1,480 yen + tax
Take-out:1,080 yen + tax

With pure cocoa powder mixed into Eggs n’ Things signature American style pancakes, and a rich chocolate sauce that oozes from the top, this delicious plate allows you to fully enjoy eating valentine's day chocolate. The dish is accented by a handful of freshly picked sweet and sour strawberries.

*Whipped cream is not included in the take-out option.

Strawberry and Banana Chocolate French Toast

Eat-in: 1,380 yen + tax
Take-out:980 yen + tax

Freshly chopped strawberries and bananas, and a generous helping of chocolate sauce top this extra fluffy original Eggs n’ Things French Toast.

*Whipped cream is not included in the take-out option.
*This dish with a recipe that uses alcohol.

Strawberry White Mocha

Price: 650 yen + tax

Fill up on this dreamy white chocolate sauce cafe mocha. Topped with whipped cream and strawberry syrup, the drink is the perfect accompaniment for an Eggs n’ Things Valentine’s-themed treat.

Hawaiian Cafe Mocha

Price: 580 yen + tax

This traditional cafe mocha is topped with a heavenly helping of whipped cream, chocolate syrup and crushed macadamia nuts.

The special limited edition Valentine’s Day menu will be available from 16 January to 28 February 2021 at all Eggs n’ Things stores nationwide.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.