While it may seem incredibly specific, Japan has some great options if you happen to be looking for super realistic wool felt recreations of cats. One service even provides realistic wearable replicas of your cat's head so you can become a feline doppelganger.

Wool felt artist Sachi, who goes by the name Wakuneco, offers a slightly more sentimental service. Sachi creates lifelike 3D portraits of people's cats as a special way to remember them.

Sachi began this as a hobby back in 2015, but her work quickly became popular and has amassed over 260,000 fans on YouTube, and even appeared on the Netflix documentary Cat People.

Here you can watch as Sachi expertly applies her handmade craft to perfectly recreating two stray cats that had passed away at the request of a pet owner who wanted something to remember them by. She uses submitted photos and in this case, even the cat's actual fur.

She looks at many photos and carefully studies each cat, which has different colors and patterns, in order to express them.

The impressive portraits certainly provide a fantastic way for cat lovers to remember their favorite felines.

Wakuneco is not currently taking submissions, but is aiming to restart up orders in the spring of 2022. You can follow her social media accounts and homepage to keep an eye on her status, as well as awesome work.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.