Japanese Kit Kats offer a wide variety of regional and limited edition flavors, including adventurous options such as those aged in whisky barrels in Scotland for 180 days and roasted sweet potato.

This time, Nestlé has decided to release a Japan exclusive Kit Kat that's difference is its appearance, just in time for Valentine's Day. Starting January 24th, Japan will be getting a release of "Kit Kat Heartful Bear" that delivers the crunch of the classic chocolates in the form of a bear with a loving message.

While Nestlé has released holiday appropriate character Kit Kats in several different countries before, their new Japan exclusive character Kit Kat comes as a Valentine's Day release that should be a big hit with the massive chocolate exchange that occurs on that day. The new Heartful Bear Kit Kat features an adorable teddy bear-esque Kit Kat holding a heat-shaped balloon that has one of three messages written on it--"I ♡ U", "Thx!" or "For U".

Individual and bagged packages will be available at FamilyMart convenience stores as well as LOFT and PLAZA stores throughout Japan, while a boxed package (of six) will be available from Nestlé's Amazon and Rakuten online stores.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.