Studio Ghibli fans are truly spoilt in Japan, with a ridiculously wide range of merchandise on offer, inspired by the studio's beloved films. The one-stop shop for all these awesome Ghibli goods is Donguri Kyowakoku, an official store, which even sometimes stocks goods which have been created by famous brands.

One of these such brands is Zippo, one of the most famous lighter manufacturers in the world. Zippo have collaborated with Studio Ghibli before on lighters featuring various characters and motifs from the movies. Currently available designs include a Laputa: Castle in the Sky collection.

My Neighbor Totoro.

Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Porco Rosso.

Whisper of the Heart.

Howl’s Moving Castle.

And Spirited Away.

Up until now, the possible Spirited Away designs feature No-face only, but two new lighters have just been released, that star two other characters.

The first one has an antique-style finish and is inspired by Haku. The front of the lighter has his human form, while the back has an illustration of him as a white dragon. The top of the lighter has the movie’s name in both English and Japanese. This one costs 9000 yen plus tax.

The second design features Boh, Yubaba’s son, while he’s turned into a mouse, and it costs 15,000 yen plus tax. It has a matte black and metal finish, and also stars some soot sprites in the design.

These lighters can be copped at branches of Donguri Kyowakoku or via their online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.