Odd couple animal friends can make for some of the most wholesome content to be found on the internet. These stories will star animals from two seemingly incompatible species, but their friendship overcomes all odds.

An example of a legendary animal rivalry is surely cats and dogs. Portrayed as irreconcilable enemies throughout the years, we don’t expect a member of each clan to become inseparable buddies.

But it does happen, especially with the rise of cats and dogs cohabitating the same household, and we’re seeing more and more examples of cats and dogs that aren’t just tolerating each other. In fact, some of these pets seem to get on even better than they do with fellow members of their own species.

A cat and dog duo that are so lovey-dovey that they captured the hearts of Japanese Twitter this week, is Yuki the husky and San the cat. This video, which was posted on Twitter by the owner, shows them acting overly affectionate on the stairs.

Even walking towards the bedroom after ascending the stairs, they match each other’s pace romantically and stick close to each other.

The post accumulated over 58 thousand likes and the clip was viewed 707 thousand times.

If you want to see more sweet examples of Yuki and San’s closeness, check out the owner’s Twitter profile which is filled with plenty of cute photos and videos!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.