Asakusa is a very popular tourist spot in Tokyo. It retains many traditional and historical buildings and the ambience of old Japan which is an attraction to many tourists, both abroad and domestically, making it a hot spot for great photography.

On January 6th 2022, there was quite heavy snowfall in the central east area of Japan. This picture of Asakusa that talented Japanese photographer 7 (@_szuna) captured seems to have impressed many people and showed off an extra layer of beauty to the already photogenic area.

“This is so awesome. So cool!”

“How beautiful… I’ve never seen Asakusa like this.”

“It is as if we time-traveled to the Edo era.”

Here’s the gorgeous photo that went viral on Twitter with over 130k likes and shared among many people.

Source: @_szuna

Asakusa covered in snow looked magical.

The picture was taken from a high place looking down on the main street of Asakusa.

During the heavy snowfall, the pedestrians are walking with umbrellas in lines on the street. The rooftops covered in snow are so vivid and elegant.

This rare snowy view of the historical Asakusa area surely touched many people, and reminded us how even during this cold season how majestic the scenery found there is.

By - Mugi.